The Makilen Polish Language School for Foreigners

Do you want to learn Polish? Excellent! It is a beautiful language whose secrets can be rediscovered each and every day. In the Makilen Polish Language School for Foreigners, we will provide you with knowledge in the most simple and effective way. Together, we will join forces to help you learn – your enthusiasm and our teaching experience is a recipe for success!

Each student is different, with different goals, needs, and abilities. Students learn Polish for various reasons and in various ways. Therefore, we believe that the student should not be expected to adapt to a rigid program, but rather the lessons should be individually tailored in accordance with the student’s needs. Before accepting someone for a course, we always try to find out as much as possible about their goals, needs, and expectations so that we can prepare each lesson in the best possible way.

In our Polish language school, we believe that in order to learn a language and get to know its richness, you need to understand it well. Thus, it is worth learning the language under the right conditions. We organize only premium courses – individual lessons and meetings in small groups. Thanks to this format, the teacher can get to know the problems, needs, strengths, and weaknesses of each student in detail. The format of the classes also allows for the precise setting of learning programs and the ongoing modification of materials so that the teaching is as satisfactory as possible and the student can enjoy quick progress. In addition, we are an online Polish language school! We invite you to familiarize yourself with the details of our offer.

Ikona rozmawiających ludzi


Ikona człowieka z chmurą w tle

General Language

Ikona tarczy


Ikona człowieka przed komputerem


Ikona dwóch ludzi

Specialist Language

Ikona grupy ludzi przed tablicą

Other Courses

A tailor-made Polish language course

Our staff

We understand that each person learns differently. Therefore, our teachers adjust their teaching methods to the preferences of a given participant. We recognize that each lesson in our language school should be valuable. For this reason, we only employ qualified staff.

Our teachers:

  • graduated from university with master's degrees in philological studies,
  • have undergone thorough methodological training,
  • have completed postgraduate studies or specialist courses (including teaching Polish as a foreign language),
  • constantly improve their professional qualifications,
  • have many years of experience in conducting group and individual classes at all levels,
  • have high digital competency, which is critical because most of the courses in our Polish language school are organized online,
  • work with students of all age groups and cultures.


Uśmiechnięta kobieta przed laptopem